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  1. aside

    • KK[əˋsaɪd]
    • DJ[əˋsaid]


    • adv.
    • n.[C]
    • 名詞複數:asides

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. 在旁邊;到(或向)旁邊 He stood aside to let me pass. 他站到一邊讓我通過。
    • 2. (暫時地)離開;撇開 Swimming is easier if you put your fears aside. 要是你不害怕,游泳就比較容易。


    • 1. (戲劇等中的)旁白 Those asides, which the characters deliver to the audience, do not really suit the screen. 角色對觀眾的那些旁白實際上不適合於拍成電影。
    • 2. 私語,悄悄話
    • 3. 離題的話


    ad. 在一旁

    ad. 撇開不談

    ad. 儘管,雖然

    • aside的名詞複數
    • ph.
      存儲, 留出 Each week he tried to set aside a few dollars of his salary. 每週他盡可能從他的工資中儲存幾塊錢。 I warned them not to do it, but my objections were set aside. 我警告他們不要做這種事, 但是他們對我的反對置之不理。
    • ph.
      站到一邊去; 讓開 stand aside to let sb. pass 站在一邊讓某人通過
    • ph.
      忽視, 不注意
    • ph.
      讓開; 讓位 Would you mind stepping aside to let this lady off the bus? 是否能請你往旁邊站一站讓這位婦女下車。 If he wishes to be captain, I am ready to step aside. 如果他想當船長, 我已準備好讓位。
    • ph.
      把...扔在一邊; 疏遠 The children threw aside their old toys and asked for some new ones. 孩子們把舊的玩具扔在一邊, 要買新玩具。 The earlier plans were thrown aside and shelved. 早些時候提的計劃被扔在一旁擱置起來了。
    • ph.
      拋棄; 排除; 消除; 廢除 She has cast her old friends aside. 她把老朋友都撇在一邊。 He cast aside all his inhibitions. 他拋棄了一切禁忌。
    • ph.
      放在一邊; 儲蓄 I lay aside one hour a day for reading aloud. 我每天留出(抽出)一個小時來朗讀(文章)。 He has laid aside some money for his old age. 他已存了一些錢等上了年紀時用。
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    • IPA[əˈsaɪd]



    • adv.
      向旁邊 to put money aside 存錢 will you put these goods aside for me? 你幫我把這些貨留著好嗎?
    • n.
      旁白 to say sth. as or in an aside 在旁白中說某事
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