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  1. authorities

    • authority的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • n. 權,權力;職權[U][(+for)][+to-v]

    • Who gave you authority to do this? 誰給你權力這樣做的?

    • n.
    • to have (the) authority to do sth. 有權做某事

      to exercise one's authority 行使權力

    • npl.
    • to report sth. to the authorities 向官方報告某事
    • ph. 監獄當局

    • npl. 港務局

    • ph. 移民局

    • ph. 有關當局

    • ph. 【英】(市鎮、郡、區等的)地方當局,地方政權

    • ph. 憑證授權

    • n. 港務局

    • The New York Port Authority is the largest in the United States, employing more than one thousand people. 紐約市有全美最大的港務局,聘有上千人。

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