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  1. but

    • KK[bʌt]
    • DJ[bʌt]


    • conj.
      但是;(通常用not ... but ...)而是
    • prep.
      (用於nothing, nobody, who, all等詞後面)除……以外
    • adv.
    • pron.
      (關係代名詞,相當於who ... not, which ... not)沒有……不
    • n.
    • 名詞複數:buts

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
    • conj.
    • 1. 但是

      It is hot in summer here, but it is not cold in winter. 這裡夏天熱,但冬天不冷。

    • 2. (通常用not ... but ...)而是

      Our purpose is not to do it for you but to teach you to do it by yourself. 我們的目的不是替你做這事,而是教會你自己來做。

    • 3. 可是,然而

      She looks very young, but she is already in her 30's. 她看上去很年輕,可是她已三十多歲了。

    • 4. (表示驚訝,不同意等)喔,哇

      Heavens, but it snows. 天哪,真的下雪了。

    • 5. (用來加強語句重複部分的語氣)一定

      We will be here on time. But on time. 我們將準時到達這裡,一定準時。

    • 6. (用來引入新話題)那就

      But now to the last question. 現在就來談最後一個問題吧。

    • 7. (常用於否定句)而不;若不

      But that I saw it, I wouldn't have believed it. 若不是親眼目睹,我還不會相信呢。

      It's not so high but we can jump it. 它並非高到我們跳不過去的地步。

    • 8. (用於含doubt, question等字的否定句中,相當於that)對於

      There is no doubt but he won. 對於他獲勝這一點沒有疑問。

    • prep.
    • 1. (用於nothing, nobody, who, all等詞後面)除……以外

      No one saw it but me. 除了我沒有人看到。

      Dick seldom talks of anything but music. 狄克很少談及音樂以外的事情。

    • adv.
    • 1. 只,僅僅,才

      It took her but a few days to learn it. 只不過幾天時間她就學會了。

    • 2. 【美】【俚】(用來加強語氣)肯定地,絕對地

      Go there but fast! 趕快到那兒去!

    • pron.
    • 1. (關係代名詞,相當於who ... not, which ... not)沒有……不

      Not a man but felt it. 沒有人不感覺到它。

    • n.
    • 1. 用但是來表示反對;異議[C]

      Not so many buts, please. 請別老是反對個沒完。


    conj. 但是

    prep. 除了

    ad. 只,僅

    • but的名詞複數

    • ph. 要不是...; 若非...

    • But that you had seen me in the water, I would have drowned. 要不是你看見我掉在水裡, 我早就淹死了。

      He would have come with us but that he had no money. 他要不是因為缺錢, 就跟我們一起來了。

    • ph. 單單除...之外

    • I'll do anything but that. 我什麼都做, 就是不願做那件事。

    • ph. 不得不

    • He cannot but give it up. 他不得不放棄它。

      We cannot but laugh at him. 我們不得不笑他。

    • ph. 很遺憾地

    • It was but too true. 很遺憾, 那是真實的。

    • ph. 若非, 假如沒有, 要不是

    • But for your help, I should have failed. 要是沒有你的幫助, 我早已失敗了。

      But for your help, we would have lost the game. 要不是你們的幫助, 我們會輸掉這場比賽的。

    • ph. 只; 僅

    • She chose none but the best. 她只挑最好的。

      None but the best is good enough for my child. 只有最好的才配得上我的孩子。

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    • IPA[bʌt]



    • conj.
    • it's not an asset but a disadvantage 這不是優點而是劣勢

      I'll do it, but not yet 我會做的,但不是現在

    • adv.
    • these are but two of the possibilities 這只是其中的兩種可能

      he's but a child 他只是個孩子

    • prep.
    • everybody but Paul will be there 除了保羅,大家都會到場

      there's nothing for it but to leave 除了離開別無辦法

    • prep
    • we would have married but for the war 如果沒有這場戰爭,我們都已結婚了

      I'd have won but for him 要不是他,我就贏了

    • conj
    • he might agree, but then again he might have a completely different opinion 他可能同意,但他也可能持完全相反的意見
    • n.
    • no buts: just get out of here 別找藉口,馬上滾出去
    • 但是,可是,然而

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