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  1. crack

    • IPA[kræk]



    • n.
      裂縫; 裂口; 縫隙;裂痕; 漏洞
    • vt.
      使…裂開;砸開; 敲開
    • vi.
      裂開;劈啪響; 發出爆裂聲
    • adj.
      技藝高超的; 精銳的
    • 過去式:cracked 過去分詞:cracked 現在分詞:cracking

    • 名詞複數:cracks

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 裂縫; 裂口; 縫隙 a crack in sth. 某物上的裂縫 cracks over sth. 某物上的多處裂紋
    • 2. 裂痕; 漏洞 to fall through or slip between the cracks 被遺漏 to paper or paste over the cracks (in sth.) 掩蓋(某事物上的)問題
    • 3. 劈啪聲; 咔嚓聲 a crack of thunder 一聲霹靂 a crack of the bat 擊球聲
    • 4. 猛擊 to get a crack on the head/jaw 頭部/下巴受到猛擊
    • 5. 俏皮話 a crack about sb./sth. 對某人/某事物的挖苦 to make or have a crack (about or at sb./sth.) 嘲笑(某人/某事物)
    • 6. 嘗試 to have a crack at sth./doing sth. 嘗試某事物/做某事
    • 7. 強效純可卡因


    • 1. 使…裂開
    • 2. 砸開; 敲開 to crack sth. open 砸開某物 to crack one's head open 撞破頭
    • 3. 猛擊 to crack sb. over the head 猛擊某人頭部 to crack one's elbow against or on a shelf 胳膊肘撞到架子上
    • 4. 使…劈啪作響; 鞭策 to crack the whip 甩響鞭 to crack one's knuckles 使指關節劈啪作響
    • 5. 瓦解
    • 6. 破解 to crack a case/code 破案/破譯密碼
    • 7. to crack (open) a bottle of champagne 開香檳酒
    • 8. 使…裂化 to crack crude oil 裂化原油


    • 1. 裂開 to crack into a smile 綻放出笑容
    • 2. 劈啪響; 發出爆裂聲 to get cracking (with or on sth.) 動手(幹某事)
    • 3. 垮掉 to crack under pressure 在壓力之下垮掉 to crack under interrogation 在審問之下招認
    • 4. 變粗


    • 1. 技藝高超的; 精銳的 he's a crack shot 他是個神槍手 a team of crack players 由頂尖選手組成的隊伍


    1. a line on the surface of something along which it has split without breaking apart

    2. a narrow space between two surfaces which have broken or been moved apart

    3. a sudden sharp or explosive noise

    4. a sharp audible blow

    5. a joke, typically a critical or unkind one

    6. an attempt to achieve something

    7. break or cause to break without a complete separation of the parts

    8. give way or cause to give way under torture, pressure, or strain

    9. make or cause to make a sudden sharp or explosive sound

    10. hit (someone or something) hard

    11. find a solution to; decipher or interpret