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  1. face

    • IPA[feɪs]



    • n.
      臉; 躲起來; 咄咄逼人的; 刺激的;面容
    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 過去式:faced 過去分詞:faced 現在分詞:facing

    • 名詞複數:faces

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 臉; 躲起來; 咄咄逼人的; 刺激的 the muscles of the face 面部肌肉 with tears streaming down one's face 淚流滿面地
    • 2. 面容 the children's happy, smiling faces 孩子們幸福的笑臉 their faces were sad/serious 他們神情悲傷/嚴肅
    • 3. 面子 to lose face 丟臉 a loss of face 丟臉
    • 4. 厚臉皮 to have the face to do sth. 有臉做某事 they had the face to ask for more money! 他們還有臉要更多的錢!
    • 5. 外表 the changing face of the city 不斷變化的城市面貌 on the face of it 從表面上看
    • 6. 表面 to disappear or vanish off the face of the earth 消失得無影無蹤
    • 7. the steep face of the rock 陡峭的岩壁 the north face of the Eiger 艾格爾峰的北坡
    • 8. the face of a watch/clock 表面/鐘面 a dodecahedron has twelve faces 12面體有12個面
    • 9. 正面 he put the cards face down on the table 他把牌正面朝下放在桌子上 the books are displayed face out 書封面朝上擺放
    • 10. typeface


    • 1. 面向 they stood facing one another 他們面對面站著 he turned round to face the audience 他轉過身來面對觀眾
    • 2. 面臨 the problems faced by one-parent families 單親家庭面臨的問題
    • 3. 必須面對 to be faced with a difficult decision 必須作出艱難的決定 the company is facing a financial crisis 公司正面臨財務危機
    • 4. 正視 the problem will have to be faced sooner or later 這個問題遲早要解決 to face one's responsibilities 勇於承擔責任
    • 5. 承認 to face (the) facts 面對現實 let's face it 讓我們接受現實吧
    • 6. 使面對 to face sb. with sth. 使某人面對某事物 to face sb. with the truth 使某人面對事實
    • 7. 正對 facing page 12 正對第12頁
    • 8. 覆蓋 to face sth. with sth. 用某物覆蓋某物 the wall was faced with white marble 牆壁貼了白色大理石
    • 9. 給…鑲邊 to face sth. with sth. 用某物給某物鑲邊 a cloak faced with white 鑲有白邊的斗篷


    • 1. 面向 she was facing towards the road 她面朝著馬路 this room faces towards the south 這間屋子朝南
    • 2. 改變方向 about/left/right face! 向後/左/右轉!


    1. the front part of a person's head from the forehead to the chin, or the corresponding part in an animal

    2. an expression shown on the face

    3. an aspect of something

    4. each of the surfaces of a solid

    5. the plate of a clock or watch bearing the digits or hands

    6. be positioned with the face or front towards (someone or something)

    7. confront and deal with or accept

    8. have (a difficult situation) in prospect

    9. (of a problem or difficult situation) present itself to and require action from (someone)

    10. cover the surface of (something) with a layer of a different material


    「1. be positioned with the face or front towards (someone or something)」的反義字

    「2. confront and deal with or accept」的反義字