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  1. gain

    • IPA[ɡān]


    • v.
      obtain or secure (something desired, favorable, or profitable);bring over to one's interest or views; win over
    • n.
      an increase in wealth or resources;a thing that is achieved or acquired
    • verb: gain, 3rd person present: gains, gerund or present participle: gaining, past tense: gained, past participle: gained

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    • 請問static and dynamic gains怎麼翻譯

      ...statement)。幅度也未知。這時就符合動態的觀念了。結果很難估算。此為dynamic。 gains在這裡,指的就是好處。 農業政策改革,有的效果可預期,幅度也易估計...

    • obtain, gain, earn 的差別

      ...或物品等等. 不能用來形容學到或是精神上的收穫; 較常用在形容實質上. "gain" : "收穫", 得到, 所得 No pain, no gain. 沒有努力/痛苦, 就...

    • 請解釋static and dynamic gains

      ...較為接近的文獻如下。 Incentives and Static and Dynamic Gains from Market Reform in an Emerging Profits ...