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  1. just

    • IPA[dʒʌst]



    • adv.
    • adv
      幾乎;大概; 我受夠了!
    • conj
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 恰好 just then, just at that moment 就在那時 just in time 剛好及時
    • 2. 剛才 it has just been varnished 這東西剛上過清漆 you've missed him: he's just left 你沒趕上,他剛走
    • 3. 此刻 to be just doing sth. 正在做某事 I'm just finishing the letter 這封信我快寫完了
    • 4. 馬上 to be just about to do sth. 正要去做某事 to be just going to do sth. 正打算去做某事
    • 5. 不久 he arrived just after 他隨後就到了 just before/after midnight 就在午夜前/午夜後
    • 6. 只是 it's not just my imagination 這並非只是我的想像 there's just one method 只有一種方法
    • 7. 勉強地 he's just 20 他剛滿20歲 he only just passed the exam 他考試勉強及格
    • 8. 稍微 just over 20 kg 20公斤剛過 just beyond or past or after the station 剛過車站
    • 9. 確實 that was just wonderful/delicious 那簡直太棒了/味道好極了 that's just typical! 果然與眾不同啊!
    • 10. 輕易地 I can just imagine it 我很容易想像這事 I can just smell the pine forests 我一下子就聞到了松林的味道
    • 11. 也許 it might or could just be true 這件事也許是真的
    • 12. 正好 just as big/well as ... 正好和…一樣大/好 I can just as easily walk 我一樣可以毫不費力地步行


    • 1. 幾乎 just about cooked/finished 差不多熟了/快完工了 are you ready? — just about 你準備好了嗎?──快了
    • 2. 大概; 我受夠了! it's just about 10 o'clock 現在大約是10點鐘 I've had just about enough! 我差不多吃飽了!
    • 3. 剛剛 just about enough for two 剛剛夠兩個人的 will we catch the plane? — just about! 我們趕得上飛機嗎?──勉強可以!
    • 4. 此刻 I'm busy just now 我正忙著呢
    • 5. 剛才 I saw him just now 我剛見到過他


    • 1. 在…的同時 he arrived just as I was leaving 就在我要離開的時候,他到了
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