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  1. light

    • IPA[līt]


    • n.
      the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible;a source of illumination, especially an electric lamp
    • v.
      provide with light or lighting; illuminate;switch on (an electric light)
    • adj.
      having a considerable or sufficient amount of natural light; not dark;(of a color) pale
    • noun: light, plural noun: lights

    • verb: light, 3rd person present: lights, gerund or present participle: lighting, past tense: lit, past participle: lighted

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. provide with light or lighting; illuminate the room was lighted by a number of small lamps lightning suddenly lit up the house
    • switch on (an electric light) only one of the table lamps was lit
    • 2. make (something) start burning; ignite Allen gathered sticks and lit a fire
    • begin to burn; be ignited the gas wouldn't light properly


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      light (n.) 光; 眼神; 見解; 燈光; 日間 lights (n.) 牲畜的肺臟 light (v.) 動詞三態: light - lit - lit 或 light - lighted...

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      1. Light 名詞:燈光 形容詞:輕的 動詞:點燃 2. Light(動詞:點燃) 轉換為...Lighting是表示產生的持續性照明. 不見得是由燈產生的光 3.例句 The lighting in a place is the way that it is lit, for example by electric lights...

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