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  1. name

    • IPA[nām]


    • n.
      a word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressed, or referred to;a famous person
    • v.
      give a name to;identify by name; give the correct name for
    • adj.
      (of a person or commercial product) having a name that is widely known
    • verb: name, 3rd person present: names, gerund or present participle: naming, past tense: named, past participle: named

    • noun: name, plural noun: names

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. give a name to hundreds of diseases had not yet been isolated or named she named the child Edward 同義詞 call, give a name to, dub, label, style, ... 更多
    • identify by name; give the correct name for the dead man has been named as John Mackintosh 同義詞 identify, specify, cite, give, mention
    • give a particular title or epithet to she was named “Artist of the Decade.”
    • mention or cite by name the sea is as crystal clear as any spot in the Caribbean you might care to name
    • appoint (someone) to a particular position or task he was named to head a joint UN–OAS diplomatic effort
    • 2. specify (an amount, time, or place) as something desired, suggested, or decided on he showed them the picture and named a price


    • 1. (of a person or commercial product) having a name that is widely known countless specialized name brands geared to niche markets
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    • name after的用法

      (1) I named my cat after a famous cartoon cat on TV.= My cat was named...3) I named my cat Felex. = My cat was named Felex. 改被動 to name something after something是第一句主要動詞name的用法...

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      .... Martin John Smith Martin first name John middle name Smith last name (family name, surname) 通常都會稱呼...

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      ... a joke with a meaning for prostitute, theyare definitely wrong. The name “Scarlett” was of Old French meaning...