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  1. play

    • IPA[pleɪ]



    • vi.
      玩耍; 相互捉弄;參加比賽
    • vt.
      玩; 假扮…玩遊戲;開; 耍
    • n.
    • 過去式:played 過去分詞:played 現在分詞:playing

    • 名詞複數:plays

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 玩耍; 相互捉弄 to play at soldiers/hide-and-seek 玩當大兵/捉迷藏遊戲 to play together 一起玩
    • 2. 參加比賽 to play at chess/tennis 比賽下國際象棋/打網球 to play with or against sb. 與…比賽
    • 3. 充任位置 to play in defence/the attack/goal 打後衛/打前鋒/擔當守門員 to play as or at left wing/fullback 擔任左邊鋒/後衛
    • 4. 擊打 to play into the bunker/net 把球打進沙坑/球網 the batsman played on to his wicket 擊球手把球打進己方三柱門
    • 5. 打賭 to play for high stakes 下大賭注賭博
    • 6. 走子 it's your turn to play 輪到你走了
    • 7. 出牌 to play out of turn 搶出牌
    • 8. 演奏; 唱出; 播放 to play on the clarinet/flute/xylophone 吹單簧管/吹長笛/敲木琴 to play to or for sb. 為某人演奏
    • 9. 上演; 演出 the film is playing at the Odeon 影片正在奧登影院上映 to play to audiences all over the country 對全國觀眾演出
    • 10. 閃爍; 搖曳; 輕拂 to play over/around sth. 在某物上方/周圍搖曳 a smile played on his lips 他的嘴角露出一絲微笑
    • 11. 噴出; 照射 the relaxing sound of a fountain playing 噴泉噴湧時令人感覺輕鬆愜意的聲音 a spotlight played on the empty stage 一束聚光燈的燈光打在空蕩蕩的舞臺上


    • 1. 玩; 假扮…玩遊戲 to play mummies and daddies 玩過家家遊戲 to play nurses/keeping shop 玩當護士/開商店的遊戲
    • 2. 開; 耍 the children played a prank on their teacher 孩子們耍惡作劇捉弄老師
    • 3. 參加; 打; 玩 to play sth. against sb. 與某人比賽某項目 to play football for one's university 代表大學參加足球比賽
    • 4. 與…比賽 to play sb. at his or her own game 對某人以牙還牙 to play sb. false 欺騙某人
    • 5. 擔任 he played centre forward for Albion 他擔任阿爾比恩隊的中鋒
    • 6. 選中 to play sb. as or at sth. 選派某人擔任
    • 7. to play a forehand/backhand (stroke) 正手/反手擊球 he played a drive through the covers 他一記大力擊球,把球打出外場防守區
    • 8. 對…下賭注 to play the stock market/horses 玩股票/賭馬 to play sth. for high stakes 以大賭注賭某物
    • 9. 打出
    • 10. 演奏 to play the guitar/violin 彈吉他/拉小提琴 to play sth. on sth. 用某樂器演奏某樂曲
    • 11. 播放
    • 12. 扮演 to play sth. for laughs 扮演某角色搞笑 to play it rough/cool/safe 行為粗暴/冷靜/穩妥
    • 13. 上演
    • 14. 在…演出
    • 15. 裝扮 to play the politician/diplomat 裝扮成政治家/外交官 to play the innocent 裝成很無辜的樣子
    • 16. 射出; 噴 to play the hoses over the flames 把消防水帶對著大火噴水 to play the searchlights along the road 用探照燈沿路照射
    • 17. 拉線使…掙扎得筋疲力盡


    • 1. 玩耍 at play 在玩耍 to learn through play 寓學於樂
    • 2. 戲劇 the characters in a play 劇中人物 a television play, a play for television 電視劇
    • 3. 比賽; 賽風; 比賽動作 fair/foul/rough play 公平/不公平/粗野的競賽 a fine defensive/offensive play 精彩的防守/進攻動作
    • 4. 出牌機會; 走棋機會 it's your play next 下面該你了 to make a play for sb./sth. 想方設法吸引某人/得到某物
    • 5. 巧妙使用 a play on words 雙關語
    • 6. 間隙 give the line more/less play 放鬆/拉緊線繩
    • 7. 活動自由; 運作自由 to bring or call sth. into play 使某事物開始起作用 to come into play 開始活動
    • 8. 搖曳 the play of sunlight on the surface of the lake 湖面上的粼粼波光


    1. engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose

    2. engage in (a game or activity) for enjoyment

    3. take part in (a sport)

    4. participate in (a sporting match or contest)

    5. compete against (another player or team) in a sporting match

    6. represent (a character) in a theatrical performance or a film

    7. possess the skill of performing on (a musical instrument)

    8. move lightly and quickly, so as to appear and disappear; flicker

    9. activity engaged in for enjoyment and recreation, especially by children

    10. the state of being active, operative, or effective

    11. a dramatic work for the stage or to be broadcast

    12. the space in or through which a mechanism can or does move

    13. scope or freedom to act or operate


    「1. activity engaged in for enjoyment and recreation, especially by children」的反義字