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  1. represent

    • IPA[ˌreprɪˈzent]



    • vt.
    • 過去式:represented 過去分詞:represented 現在分詞:representing

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 相當於 for the artist those five pictures represented a year's work 對那位畫家而言,那5幅畫相當於一年的工作 the new engine represents a major breakthrough in car design 這款新發動機代表了汽車設計的重大突破
    • 2. 代表 Prince Charles represented the Queen at the ceremony 查爾斯王子代表女王參加慶典 he represented Great Britain at the Olympics 他代表英國參加該屆奧運會
    • 3. 佔據 women writers are strongly represented in the list of new fiction published today 在當今新出版小說書單中,女性作家的作品佔了很大比例
    • 4. 描繪 the painting represents a battle at sea 這幅畫表現的是一場海戰
    • 5. 體現
    • 6. 象徵 on this map a cross represents a church 在這張地圖上,十字代表教堂 open frontiers represent political freedom 開放的邊界象徵著政治自由
    • 7. 表達 words cannot adequately represent our anger 言語不足以表達我們的憤怒
    • 8. 演繹
    • 9. 聲稱 he represented himself as a technical expert 他聲稱自己是技術專家 his supporters represent him to be a great statesman 他的支持者把他說成是一個偉大的政治家


    1. be entitled or appointed to act or speak for (someone), especially in an official capacity

    2. (of a competitor) participate in a sporting event on behalf of (one's club, town, region, or country)

    3. act as a substitute for (someone), especially on an official occasion

    4. constitute; amount to

    5. be a specimen or example of; typify

    6. depict (a particular subject) in a work of art

    7. describe or portray in a particular way

    8. (of a sign or symbol) have a particular signification; stand for

    9. be a symbol or embodiment of

    10. state or point out clearly

    11. allege; claim