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  1. rush

    • IPA[rʌʃ]



    • vi.
      急促移動;奔騰; 猛烈地颳; 急速流動
    • vt.
    • n.
    • npl.
    • 過去式:rushed 過去分詞:rushed 現在分詞:rushing

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 急促移動 to rush at sb./sth. 向某人/某物衝去 to rush down/up the stairs 衝下/衝上樓梯
    • 2. 奔騰; 猛烈地颳; 急速流動 the sound of rushing water 湍急的水聲 a rushing stream 湍急的小溪
    • 3. 匆忙行事 don't rush 別急 to rush at sth. 匆忙做某事


    • 1. 緊急運送 to rush sb./sth. to sb./sth. 將…緊急運送至… to be rushed to hospital 被緊急送到醫院
    • 2. 迅速發送 to rush sb. sth. 將…迅速發送給某人 please rush me my copy 請把我的那本趕緊送來
    • 3. 倉促做 don't try to rush things 不要草率行事
    • 4. 催促 I don't want to rush you, but ... 我不想催你,但是… to be rushed off one's feet 忙得不可開交
    • 5. 衝向
    • 6. 特別關注


    • 1. 快速的移動 a rush of photographers/volunteers 一擁而上的攝影師/志願者 a rush for sth. 朝…衝去
    • 2. 湧動 to have a rush of blood to one's cheeks 血湧上了雙頰 a rush of blood to the head 頭腦一熱
    • 3. 匆忙 to be in a rush (to do sth.) 匆忙(做某事) to do sth. in a rush 急匆匆地做某事
    • 4. 繁忙 the morning/evening rush (交通的)早上/晚上高峰 the Christmas/summer rush 聖誕節購物熱潮/夏季旅遊熱潮
    • 5. 搶購 a rush on or for sth. 搶購某物
    • 6. 衝動; 湧動 to experience a sudden rush of adrenalin 突然熱血沸騰
    • 7. 快感 it gives you a rush 它會讓你感到亢奮
    • 8. 學生聯誼會納新活動 rush party/week 學生聯誼會納新晚會/週


    • 1. 樣片


    1. move with urgent haste

    2. (of air or a liquid) flow strongly

    3. act with great haste

    4. dash towards (someone or something) in an attempt to attack or capture

    5. a sudden quick movement towards something, typically by a number of people

    6. a sudden flow or flood

    7. a flurry of hasty activity

    8. a sudden strong demand for a commodity

    9. a sudden thrill or feeling of euphoria such as experienced after taking certain drugs


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