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  1. together

    • IPA[təˈɡeðə(r)]



    • adv.
      一起; 共同; 整個地; 他們是天生的一對;連在一起
    • adj.
    • prep
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 一起; 共同; 整個地; 他們是天生的一對 they're always together 他們總是在一起 let's go there together 咱們一道去那兒吧
    • 2. 連在一起 he nailed the two planks together 他把兩塊木板釘在了一起 he rubbed his hands together in satisfaction 他滿意地搓著雙手
    • 3. 一致 after the meeting the two sides in the dispute were no closer together 會談之後爭論雙方的立場差距依然如故
    • 4. 同時 they were all talking together 他們全都在說話 all my troubles seem to come together 我的麻煩似乎湊到一塊兒全來了
    • 5. 以相同節奏 the soprano and the orchestra weren't quite together 女高音歌手和管弦樂隊之間配合不太默契
    • 6. 接連地 for four days/three weeks etc. together 一連4天/3個星期等


    • 1. 穩妥自信的 he's a very together guy 他是個很穩重的傢伙


    • 1. 包括 together with the Johnsons, there were 12 of us 包括約翰遜一家在內,我們總共有12個人
    • 2. 連同 he put his wallet, together with his passport, in his pocket 他把錢包連同護照一起放進衣兜 taken together with the rest of the evidence, this proves that he is guilty 加上其他的證據,這證明他有罪
    • 3. 同…一起 I went there together with George 我和喬治一起去了那兒