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  1. against
    KK[əˋgɛnst] DJ[əˋgenst]
  2. prep.介係詞

    • 1. 反對;違反

      The fight against inflation has been going on for almost two years. 抑制通貨膨脹的抗鬥已展開近兩年了。
    • 2. 逆;對著

      They sounded a sharp warning against all these tendencies. 對於這種種傾向,他們發出了嚴厲的警告。
    • 3. 倚;靠

      His desk is against the wall. 他的辦公桌靠牆放著。
    • 4. 以……為背景

      The little red house looks so beautiful against the green woods. 那座紅色的小屋在翠綠的森林襯托下顯得很美。
    • 5. 防備;預防

      We bought some warm clothes against the coming winter. 我們添置了一些禦寒的衣服以迎接即將來臨的冬季。
    • 6. 不利於

      She has said nothing against you. 她並沒有說任何對你不利的話。
    • 7. 對比;對照

      He checked the contents of the box against the bill. 他對照貨單檢查了箱子裡裝的東西。
  3. 同義字

    prep. 反對;對抗
  4. 反義字

    「prep. 反對;違反」的反義字:
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    against all odds

    against all odds 曾是80年代的一首西洋流行歌名. 我用我的 OKWAP...如果你是男性, 患色盲的可能性在十二分之一左右。 詞組:odds against 例: The odds against you getting killed in a...


    .... (和產品) 就算有指名道姓時,也仍可用with (共同),而不一定要用against,以降低敵意。例: Apple can't compete with Android? It...

    My stomach flattened against.. buns. ....... Feel how the internal organs naturally flatten out against the spine with gravitational pull. 去感覺(妳的)腹內臟腑是如何的自然地隨著重力地心...

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