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  1. attend

    KK[əˋtɛnd] DJ[əˋtend]
  2. vt.及物動詞

    • 1. 出席,參加

      He did not attend the meeting yesterday. 昨天他沒有參加會議。
    • 2. 上(大學等),前往

      The school was attended almost entirely by local children. 上這個學校讀書的幾乎全是當地的孩子。
    • 3. 照料;護理;侍候

      There was no one to attend him but Tina. 除了蒂娜,再無人照顧他了。
    • 4. 伴隨,帶有

    • 5. 陪同,護送


    • 1. 出席,參加[(+at)]

    • 2. 照料,處理[(+to)]

      I'll attend to the matter. 我來處理此事。
    • 3. 護理;侍候[(+on/upon)]

    • 4. 注意,傾聽;致力(於)[(+to)]

      She didn't attend to what I was saying. 她並不注意聽我所說的話。
  3. 變化形

    • 動變: attended,attended,attending

  4. 同義字

    vt. 出席,參加

    vt. 照料;護理;侍候

  5. 反義字

    「vt. 注意」的反義字:
    • v 動詞

      [I,T] to go to an event such as a meeting or a class 參加﹐出席﹐到場

      [I,T] to go regularly to a school, church etc 上〔學〕﹐去〔教堂〕

    • a.形容詞



    • 注意, 致力於

      關心, 照料, 護理

    • 照料
    • 注意;致力於


    • 照料
    • phr v [T]及物片語動詞

      to deal with business or personal matters 處理﹐料理〔生意或個人事務〕

      to help a customer in a shop or a restaurant to buy or order something 〔在商店或飯店〕照顧﹐接待〔顧客〕

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