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  1. beat

    • IPA[biːt]


    • v.
      strike (a person or an animal) repeatedly and violently so as to hurt or injure them, typically with an implement such as a club or whip;strike (an object) repeatedly so as to make a noise
    • n.
      a main accent or rhythmic unit in music or poetry;a strong rhythm in popular music
    • adj.
      completely exhausted;relating to the beat generation or its philosophy
    • verb: beat, 3rd person present: beats, gerund or present participle: beating, past tense: beat, past participle: beaten

    • noun: beat, plural noun: beats

    • 釋義
    • 片語




    • 1. informal completely exhausted I'm beat—I need an hour or so to rest I feel beat and out of ideas
    • 2. relating to the beat generation or its philosophy beat poet Allen Ginsberg
  2. 知識+

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      beating heart 嗎? 因為問題上您寫 beating 內容中卻寫 breating... beating heart 照字面上的意思是: 正在跳動的心 A beating heart - 一個正在跳動的心(臟) beating - 形容詞. beat 本身是動詞, 但是...

    • beat? hit?

      您好~ beat與hit & crash與destroy 廣義上來說是可通用的。 但是細部差別在於 ---------->1.hit是用在較為實際與物質層面的擊打,而beat則可用在較抽象的層面。 EX. The bad news beated me ferociously...

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      請問這句話Nothing can beat me的詞性或用法對嗎 是的. 很正確! 還是說可以在加什麼或減少什麼單字... invincible. 2013-09-25 08:11:55 補充: 那請問一下 Nothing beats me = 神東東都打不倒我 Nothing can beat(S) me 的...