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  1. count

    • IPA[kaʊnt]



    • vi.
    • vt.
    • n.
      清點; 總數;計數
    • 過去式:counted 過去分詞:counted 現在分詞:counting

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 數數 to count (up) to sth. 數到某個數 to count from 1 to 5 從1數到5
    • 2. 計算 to count from sth. 從某物算起 the fourth seat, counting from the right 右起第4個座位
    • 3. 被算入 children over the age of 14 don't count 14歲以上的孩子不算 to count towards sth. 被計入某事物
    • 4. 重要; 有價值 he's only a servant: he doesn't count 他只是個僕人,無足輕重 she's an expert: her opinion counts 她是專家,她的意見很有價值
    • 5. 數拍子
    • 6. 算作 to count as sth. 算作某情況 children over 15 count as adults 15歲以上的孩子算是成人


    • 1. to count how many people/books there are 數一數有多少個人/多少本書 to count heads/votes/cash 清點人數/選票/現金
    • 2.
    • 3. 把…算入 I didn't count the money I spent on bus fares 我沒有把公共汽車費算在內 55 people, not counting the children 不包括孩子在內,共55人
    • 4. 認為 to count sb./sth. (as) sth. 認為某人/某事物是某狀況 to count oneself lucky/fortunate 覺得自己運氣好/幸運


    • 1. 清點; 總數 to do or make or take a count (of sb./sth.) 清點(某人/某事物的)數目 by sb.'s count 根據某人的清點
    • 2. 計數 bacteria/cholesterol count 細菌/膽固醇計數
    • 3. 數數; 數十; 不省人事; 熟睡; 精疲力竭 a count of sth. 數到某數 on a count of three: one, two, three, go! 數三下開始:一、二、三,開始!
    • 4. 罪狀 she was found guilty on both counts 她被判兩項罪名都成立
    • 5. 方面 they were satisfied on all counts 他們對一切都感到滿意


    1. determine the total number of (a collection of items)

    2. take into account; include

    3. regard or be regarded as possessing a specified quality or fulfilling a specified role

    4. be significant

    5. an act of determining the total number of something

    6. the total determined by counting