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  1. draw

    • IPA[drɔː]



    • vt.
      畫; 描繪;拉
    • vi.
    • n.
      抽籤; 抽彩; 抽籤賽;平局
    • 過去式:drew 過去分詞:drawn 現在分詞:drawing

    • 名詞複數:draws

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語
    • vt.
    • 1. 畫; 描繪

      to draw sb. sth., to draw sth. for sb. 為某人畫某物

      to draw the line (at sth./doing sth.) (在某事/做某事上)劃定底線

    • 2. 拉

      the train was drawn by a steam engine 火車由蒸汽機拉動

      to draw one's handkerchief across one's brow 用手帕擦額頭

    • 3. 吸引; 使喜歡上

      to draw sb. to do sth. 吸引某人做某事

      to draw sb. to/from sth. 把某人吸引到某處/從某處吸引來

    • 4. 掏出; 拔出

      to draw sth. from sth. 從某處掏出某物

      to draw a sword 拔劍

    • 5. 以平局結束

      England drew their game against France 英格蘭隊與法國隊打成平局

    • 6. 吊
    • 7. 抽

      to draw sth. from sth. 從某物中抽某物

      Italy has been drawn against Spain or to play Spain 抽籤結果是意大利隊對西班牙隊

    • 8. 領取; 開

      the cheque was drawn on their joint account 這張支票開到他們的共同賬戶上

    • 9. 抽出; 取用

      to draw water from the well 從井中汲水

      his friends were drawn from all walks of life 他的朋友來自社會各個階層

    • 10. 除去…的內臟
    • 11. 得到

      to draw comfort/encouragement/inspiration from sth. 從某事中得到安慰/鼓勵/靈感

      there is a moral to be drawn from this tale 可以從這個故事中汲取教益

    • 12. 作出

      to draw an analogy/a comparison/distinction/parallel between sth. and sth./with sth. 在某事物與某事物之間/與某事物作類比/對照/區分/比較

    • 13. 引起; 使…開口

      to draw considerable praise 贏得眾多稱讚

      she drew tears of laughter from the audience 她把觀眾逗得眼淚都笑出來了

    • 14. 帶領
    • 15. 排出
    • 16. 吃水

      the ship draws six metres 這條船吃水6米

    • 17. 拉拔; 軋製
    • vi.
    • 1. 繪畫

      to draw round or around sth. 比著某物畫

    • 2. 移動

      to draw alongside (sth.) (與某物)並行

      to draw level (with sth./sb.) (與某物/某人)追平

    • 3. 以平局結束; 同時到達

      to draw with or against sb. 與某人打成平局

      they drew 4-all or 4-4 in the final 他們在決賽中打成4平

    • 4. 拔出武器

      to draw on sb. 拔出武器對準某人

    • 5. 抽籤

      to draw for sth. 抽籤決定某事

    • 6. 抽水; 吸塵
    • 7. 泡開
    • n.
    • 1. 抽籤; 抽彩; 抽籤賽

      the top half of the draw 抽籤賽的上半區

    • 2. 平局

      the match/game ended in a draw 這場比賽以平局結束

      to hold sb. to a draw 與某人打成平局

    • 3. 有吸引力的人; 有吸引力的事物
    • 4. 拔槍

      to be quick/slow on the draw

      to beat sb. to the draw

    • 5. 吸煙

      take a long draw on one's pipe/at one's cigarette 深吸一口煙斗/煙


    1. produce (a picture or diagram) by making lines and marks on paper with a pencil, pen, etc.

    2. produce an image of (someone or something) by making lines and marks on paper

    3. pull or move (something) in a specified direction

    4. move somewhere in a slow steady way

    5. pull (curtains) shut or open

    6. extract (an object) from a container or receptacle

    7. take or obtain (liquid) from a container or receptacle

    8. obtain or withdraw (money) from a bank or other source

    9. take in (a breath)

    10. attract (someone) to come to a place or an event

    11. reach (a conclusion) by deduction or inference from a set of circumstances

    12. an act of selecting names randomly to decide winners in a lottery, opponents in a sporting contest, etc.

    13. an even score at the conclusion of a game or match

    14. a person or thing that is very attractive or interesting


    「1. pull or move (something) in a specified direction」的反義字

    「2. extract (an object) from a container or receptacle」的反義字

    「3. obtain or withdraw (money) from a bank or other source」的反義字

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      其實從draw/pay的意思來看, 就不難看出二者的不同 draw的意思是"拉" draw attention 把注意力拉過來, 也就是...的方向, 一個是拉進來, 一個是給出去 Don't draw attention away from the speaker by making unnecessary movement...