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  1. nose

    • IPA[nōz]


    • n.
      the part projecting above the mouth on the face of a person or animal, containing the nostrils and used for breathing and smelling;the sense of smell, especially a dog's ability to track something by its scent
    • v.
      (of an animal) thrust its nose against or into something, especially in order to smell it;smell or sniff (something)
    • verb: nose, 3rd person present: noses, gerund or present participle: nosing, past tense: nosed, past participle: nosed

    • noun: nose, plural noun: noses

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  2. 知識+

    • ''Big nose''是什麼意思呀?(3天內10點)

      ...其他意思啦 就是指鼻子大 其他的諺語如 to be led by the nose under your nose 今天我們要講的習慣用語是和鼻子...味道去找什么東西,或什么地方。又比如to pay through the nose是指付出很高价錢。 在這次節目里,我們要介紹另外兩...

    • nose-diving

      nose-dive n. 1. (飛機的)俯衝 2. (價格等的)奇跌,猛跌;(名聲)低落;(情況的)突然變壞 vi. 1. 俯衝 2. 暴跌;跌落;突然變壞 在此句中應為形容詞修飾birth rates. 意思應該是"遞減過快的."

    • 像 foot smell, nose running 的例子

      应该是 running nose 而不是 nose running. running nose = 流鼻涕 I had a...然后发出的氣味 加油!! 2007-11-19 09:39:57 補充: 類似詞句: running nose = flu (Influenza) = 流行性感冒 foot smell = Smelly Feet...