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  1. about

    • KK[əˋbaʊt]
    • DJ[əˋbaut]


    • prep.
    • adv.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. 關於,對於 My mother often spoke to me about you. 家母常和我談起你。
    • 2. 在……的附近;在……的周圍 She sat up and looked about her. 她坐了起來,環顧四周。
    • 3. 在……的身邊 I had no money about me. 我身邊沒有帶錢。
    • 4. 大約在……時候 It happened about 5 o'clock in the morning. 這事發生在早晨約莫五點鐘的時候。
    • 5. 從事於 What the hell are you about? 你到底在做什麼?
    • 6. 在……身上,在……的性格中 What I like about him is his sense of humor. 我喜歡的是他的幽默感。


    • 1. 在四周;到處 She likes to walk about. 她喜愛四處走走。
    • 2. 在附近,在近處 There were few people about. 附近幾乎無人。
    • 3. 大約;幾乎 John is about the same age as Tom. 約翰和湯姆的年齡相仿。
    • 4. 向相反方向 The ship turned about midway. 船在中途掉轉了航向。


    prep. 關於

    prep. 大約;幾乎

    prep. & ad. 在四周

    a. 即將的;打算(做)的

    • ph.
      從事, 忙於; 變成習慣去做某事 It is dangerous to go about on the construction site without a safety helmet. 不戴安全帽在工地上走來走去是危險的。 He knows how to go about repairing the machine. 他知道怎樣著手修理這台機器。
    • ph.
      在附近; 在周圍 the countryside round about 附近的郊外 all the villages round about 附近的所有村莊
    • ph.
      依次地, 輪流地
    • ph.
      (指液體)晃蕩(尤指在容器裡) Water was slopping about in the bottom of the boat. 水在船底晃晃蕩蕩的。
    • ph.
      (病後)走動 She is getting about again. 她又能起身走動了。
    • ph.
      胡鬧; 瞎鬧 Stop messing about and come and help! 別鬧了, 過來幫幫忙吧!
    • ph.
      發生; 產生 How did all this come about? 這事為何發生的?
    • ph.
      著手作某事 Who set it about that he is resigning? 誰散布謠言說他要辭職? Come and set about your work: we have wasted enough time. 來著手做你的工作吧。我們已經浪費了不少時間。
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    • IPA[əˈbaʊt]



    • prep.
      關於 a book/film about sth. 有關某內容的書/電影 I'm ringing about my results 我打電話來問一下我的檢查結果
    • adv.
      大約 at about 6 p.m. 下午6點左右 (and) about time too! 再說正是時候呢!
    • adj.
      剛要…的 we're (just) about to start 我們正要開始