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  1. arrive
    KK[əˋraɪv] DJ[əˋraiv]
  2. vi.不及物動詞

    • 1. 到達;到來

      The delegation arrived in London last Monday. 代表團上星期一抵達倫敦。
    • 2. (郵件,物品等)被送來

      The books will arrive tomorrow. 這些書明天到。
    • 3. (時間等)到來;(嬰兒)出生

      The baby arrived yesterday morning. 孩子是昨天上午出生的。
    • 4. 成功;成名

      He arrived professionally when he was still young. 他年輕時事業上就取得了成功。
    • 5. 達到;達成[(+at)]

      What decision did you finally arrive at? 你們最後做了什麼決定?
  3. 變化形

    • 動變: arrived,arrived,arriving

  4. 同義字

    vi. 到達;到來
  5. 反義字

    「vi. 到達;出生;達成」的反義字:
  1. 知識+

    |約 3522 之 1-3 筆

    arrive in/at

    ...not a good rule of thumb, for example: comparing these arrive in Italy arrive in Rome or arrive at to have that 10%! For example: "I arrive (at, in) a car." (It means I arrive...


    ... beautifully. 她的頭髮彎曲得很漂亮. 文法是主詞+動詞+副詞做主詞補語. arrive是不及物動詞.=reach抵達之意,過去式和過去分詞是arrived. Her baby...


    不及物動詞 到達; 到來 My friend and I arrive here in Taipei . 我和朋友抵達台北. [並無時間表示 ] The ...

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