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    • KK[baɪ]
    • DJ[bai]


    • prep.
    • adv.
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    • prep.
    • 1. 被,由

      The homework was assigned by the teacher. 這些家庭作業是老師布置的。

    • 2. 靠,用,透過

      They crossed the river by ferry. 他們乘渡船過了河。

    • 3. 經由;沿

      Ellen flew to Chicago by way of Minneapolis. 艾倫經由明尼阿波利斯飛往芝加哥。

    • 4. 在……旁邊,靠近;在……手邊

      I haven't got any money by me. 我身邊沒有帶錢。

    • 5. 不遲於;在……之前

      We had to get there by evening. 我們必須在夜晚前抵達那裡。

    • 6. 根據,按照

      How do you know he didn't act by the rules? 你怎麼知道他沒有按規定行事的?

    • 7. (表程度)相差

      He missed the bus by three minutes. 他晚了三分鐘沒趕上那班公車。

    • 8. 憑,對……(發誓)

      I swear by God! 我對上帝發誓!

    • 9. (乘除法上)以……,用……(乘或除)

      Nine divided by three makes three. 九除以三得三。

    • 10. 以……計,按

      You'll be paid by the hour. 你的薪資將按時計酬。

    • 11. 在……的時候

      He had to sleep by day and work by night. 他只好白天睡覺,晚上工作。

    • 12. 就……來說,關於

      Philip is a doctor by profession. 菲力浦的職業是醫生。

    • 13. (表連續或反覆)逐個;逐批

      The teacher explained the text sentence by sentence. 教師逐句講解了這篇課文。

    • 14. 由於

      She took my umbrella by mistake. 她誤拿了我的傘。

    • adv.
    • 1. 經過;過去

      A truck went by. 一輛卡車開過。

    • 2. 在旁邊

      When I filled out the form she was standing by all the time. 我填寫表格時,她一直站在我身旁。

    • 3. (放)在一邊

      They put money by for later use. 他們儲存錢以備將來使用。

    • 4. 【美】【口】到(或進入)某人的家

      Please come by and have dinner with us. 請到我家來一起吃晚飯。


    prep. 在……旁邊,靠近

    • pref. 表示附近,鄰近

    • ph. (勉強)過活; (勉強)對付過去

    • She can't get by on such a small income. 靠這麼少的收入, 她無法維持生活。

      He can get by with his old overcoat this winter. 今年冬天他可以靠那件舊大衣勉強對付過去。

    • ph. (指時間)過去, 消逝

    • Time goes by quickly on vacation. 假期的時間過得快。

      As time goes by my memory seems to get worse. 隨著時間的流逝, 我的記憶力似乎越來越差。

    • ph. 支持; 幫助

    • No matter what happens, I'll stand by you, so don't be afraid. 不管發生什麼我一定支持你, 所以你不用害怕。

    • ph. 把...放在一邊

    • When I entered, she put by the letter she was reading. 我進去後, 她把她正在看的信放在一邊。

    • ph. 我們單獨地

    • ph. 生性

    • She is quiet and shy by nature. 她生性溫柔靦腆。

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    • IPA[baɪ]



    • prep.
    • a building destroyed by fire 燒燬的大樓

      I was startled by her reaction 她的反應令我大吃一驚

    • adv.
    • the car roared by 汽車呼嘯而過

      she walked on by without stopping 她走過去,沒有停留

    • adv .
      不久; 終於
    • by and by she met an old man with a beard 不久她見到了一位留鬍子的老人
    • 靠,用,通過,乘坐
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