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  1. carry

    • IPA[ˈkæri]



    • vt.
      抱; 拿; 搬; 抬;運送
    • vi.
    • n.
      抱; 背; 送
    • 過去式:carried 過去分詞:carried 現在分詞:carrying

    • 名詞複數:carries

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 抱; 拿; 搬; 抬 she carried the baby in her arms 她把孩子抱在懷裡 they carried the injured man away on a stretcher 他們用擔架把傷員抬走了
    • 2. 運送 the minibus carries 12 people 這輛中巴可載12人
    • 3. 帶走 his hat was carried away by a gust of wind 他的帽子被一陣風吹走了 the tide carried the boat back towards the shore 潮水把船沖回岸邊
    • 4. 輸送; 傳導 the veins carry blood back to the heart 靜脈將血液輸送回心臟
    • 5. 推進 to carry sth. too far 把某事做得太過分 she carries modesty to extremes 她謙虛得過了頭
    • 6. 帶有 I don't usually carry much cash with me 我通常不多帶現金 he will carry the memory with him for the rest of his life 他將一生銘記這一切
    • 7. 刊登; 播出
    • 8. 附有 the notepaper carries the company logo 信紙上印有公司的標識
    • 9. 具有; 帶來 the offence carries a maximum fine of £50 這種違法行為最高可處50英鎊罰款 the new post carries increased responsibility 這一新職位的責任更大
    • 10. she is carrying twins 她懷了雙胞胎 the elephant carries its young for 22 months 大象孕期有22個月
    • 11. 攜帶; 傳染
    • 12. 出售
    • 13. 支撐; 承載
    • 14. 承擔 he is carrying the entire department 他主持著整個部門的工作 we can't afford to carry passengers 我們養不起閒人
    • 15. 在…中獲勝; 攻佔; 打敗 to carry the day 獲勝 to carry all or everything before one 大獲全勝
    • 16. 使…獲得通過 the motion was carried by 25 votes to 13 這一動議以25票對13票獲得通過
    • 17. 在…獲得多數票
    • 18. 打動 he carried the congregation with him 他打動了教堂會眾
    • 19. 使…進位


    • 1. 傳到遠處 the noise of the explosion carried several miles 爆炸聲傳到了幾英里外
    • 2. 射出一定距離 the ball carried over the boundary 球出界了


    • 1. 抱; 背; 送 to give sb. a carry 送某人一程


    1. support and move (someone or something) from one place to another

    2. transport, conduct or transmit

    3. be infected with (a disease) and liable to transmit it to others

    4. support the weight of

    5. be pregnant with

    6. (of a sound, ball, missile, etc.) reach a specified point

    7. assume or accept (responsibility or blame)

    8. stand and move in a specified way

    9. have as a feature or consequence

    10. (of a newspaper or a television or radio station) publish or broadcast

    11. (of a shop) keep a regular stock of (goods for sale)

    12. be known or marked by

    13. approve (a proposed measure) by a majority of votes

    14. persuade (others) to support one's policy

    15. gain (a state or district) in an election


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