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  1. due

    • KK[dju]
    • DJ[dju:]


    • adj.
    • adv.
    • n.
    • 名詞複數:dues

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
    • adj.
    • 1. 應支付的;欠款的;欠的[F][(+to)]

      That money is due to me, but I haven't got it yet. 那筆錢是應付給我的,而我至今還未拿到。

    • 2. 應有的,正當的,合適的[B]

      He handled it with due care. 他以應有的小心處理這事。

    • 3. 到期的[F]

      The bank loan is due this month. 銀行貸款本月到期。

    • 4. (車船)預定應到的;預期的;約定的[F][+to-v]

      We are due to leave tomorrow. 我們定於明天動身。

      Phil's train is due at 7: 00 p.m. 菲爾的火車下午七點鐘到。

    • 5. 因為,由於[(+to)]

      Our happy childhood is due to our father's hard work. 我們幸福的童年應歸功於父親的辛勤工作。

    • adv.
    • 1. (置於方位詞前)正

      They were advancing due west into the desert. 他們向正西方向行進,進入沙漠地帶。

    • n.
    • 1. 應得之物;應得權益[C]

      She asked no more than her due. 她沒有提非分的要求。

    • 2. 應付款;稅金[P]

      I've already paid my membership dues. 我已經交了我的會員費。


    a. 合適的,正當的

    a. 欠款的;欠的


    「a. 合適的;到期的」的反義字

    • due的名詞複數

    • ph. 因為, 由於

    • The accident was due to careless driving. 這意外事件起因於駕駛疏忽。

    • ph. 由於

    • Her absence was due to the storm. 由於風雨交加她沒來。

    • ph. 期限,到期日

    • ph. 精準審核;盡職調查

    • Before we decide to invest, we need to do due diligence on this project. 在我們決定投資之前,我們必須對合作的計劃進行精準審核。

    • ph. 合法訴訟程序

    • ph. 【主美】(通常指以商品或勞務抵償的)借據

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    • IPA[djuː]



    • adj.
    • to be/fall due 到期
    • 因為
    • due to the fact that ... 由於…的事實

      to be due to sb. 多虧某人

    • adv.
    • due north/south/east/west 正北/正南/正東/正西
    • n.
    • to give sb. his/her due 給某人說句公道話

      he always tries to give folk their due 他總是儘量待人公平

    • npl.
    • to pay one's dues

      this drummer has paid his dues with the best 這個鼓手經歷的苦難不比任何人少

    • 應支付的,到期的

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    • due有"充分"的意思嗎?

      ...of the proper quality or extent, 也等於adequate的意思. 例句: Driving without due care and attention is dangerous. 開車的時候如果沒有很小心以及專注, 是很危險...

    • due to 的用法

      ...quot;為兩部分). 原來的句子是這樣: The company went out of business due to poor management. 這家公司因為管理不善而關門大吉. 現在我們要強調[due to poor...

    • 關於due in part to的問題

      due in part to 部份因為; 某種程度上因為; 特別因為 = in part because of = partly because of = to some degree/extent because of = in particular because of = especially because of due in great part to 主要因為; 很大程度上因為 = in great part because of = mainly/majorly...