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  1. figure

    • IPA[ˈfɪgə(r)]



    • n.
    • vi.
    • vt.
    • 過去式:figured 過去分詞:figured 現在分詞:figuring

    • 名詞複數:figures

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 數字 unemployment figures 失業數字 to put a figure on sth. 給出某事物的確切數字
    • 2. 人物 a leading/key/minor figure 主要/關鍵/次要人物 a public figure 公眾人物
    • 3. 人影 a tall figure approached me 一個高個子人影朝我走來 a familiar/imposing figure 熟悉的/威嚴的身影
    • 4. 身材 to have a good/awful figure 身材好/不好 to keep/lose one's figure 保持身材/身材走樣
    • 5. 插圖; 圖表 see figure 4 見圖表4
    • 6. 圖案 to draw a figure of an elephant 畫一頭大象
    • 7. 圖形 a solid figure 立體圖形 a six-sided figure 六邊形
    • 8. 人像 a sculpture of two figures embracing 一尊兩人相擁的雕像
    • 9. 花式
    • 10. 音型


    • 1. 出現 to figure prominently on the music scene/in world politics 在音樂界/國際政壇赫赫有名 to figure in a report 列入報告
    • 2. 合乎情理 that figures 那是合乎情理的 it doesn't figure 這沒有道理


    • 1. 認為 I figure I'd better leave 我想我該走了 that's what I figured 這就是我的看法
    • 2. 計算
    • 3. 以圖表表示


    1. a number, especially one which forms part of official statistics or relates to the financial performance of a company

    2. a numerical symbol, especially any of the ten in Arabic notation

    3. an amount of money

    4. arithmetical calculations

    5. a person's bodily shape, especially that of a woman and when considered to be attractive

    6. a person seen indistinctly or from a distance

    7. a representation of a human or animal form in drawing or sculpture

    8. a person of a particular kind, especially one who is important or distinctive in some way

    9. a shape which is defined by one or more lines in two dimensions (such as a circle or a triangle), or one or more surfaces in three dimensions (such as a sphere or a cuboid), either considered mathematically in geometry or used as a decorative design

    10. a diagram or illustrative drawing, especially in a book or magazine

    11. have a significant part or role in a situation or process

    12. calculate or work out (an amount or value) arithmetically

    13. think, consider, or expect to be the case

    14. (of a recent event or newly discovered fact) be perfectly understandable and only to be expected