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  1. from

    • KK[frɑm]
    • DJ[frɔm]


    • prep.
    • 釋義
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    • 1. 從……起,始於 She is singing from morning to night. 她從早唱到晚。
    • 2. 從;由 He rose from office boy to managing director in fifteen years. 他十五年裡從工友升到總經理。
    • 3. 離(開) Our school is two miles from the station. 我們學校離車站兩英里。
    • 4. 從……來;出自 He comes from Shanghai. 他來自上海。
    • 5. 表示去除、免掉、阻止或剝奪等 The pill will relieve you from pain. 這藥丸將使你免受痛苦。
    • 6. 表示區別或比較 He is old enough to know right from wrong. 他已長大,能夠辨別是非了。
    • 7. (表示原料)由 Flour is made from wheat. 麵粉由小麥製成。
    • 8. 因為,由於;出於 He wasn't ill; he stayed in bed from laziness. 他沒病,躺在床上是因懶惰之故。 He is trembling from fear. 他嚇得發抖。


    prep. 由……開始

    prep. 根據,因為


    「prep. 從……起;始於」的反義字

    • ph.
      退縮, 畏縮(由於羞恥, 厭惡等) I tell you that you may not shrink from the responsibility. 我告訴你, 你不可以在責任面前退縮。
    • ph.
      說服某人不要..., 勸阻, 打消 We tried to discourage him from climbing the mountain without a guide. 我們設法勸他不要無響導而去爬山。 We discouraged him from giving up the job. 我們勸他不要放棄那份工作。
    • ph.
      從不知名的狀態, 從默默無聞之中 She came from nowhere into national fame. 她從無名之輩變成全國聞名的人物。 He started from nowhere and became a leading politician in a few years. 他從無名小卒脫穎而出, 沒有幾年功夫就成了重要的政界人物。
    • ph.
      遠離 The sun is far from the earth. 太陽離地球很遠。 Your birthday is not far from mine. 你的生日與我的相隔不遠。
    • ph.
      戒絕 Her mother has abstained from wine. 她母親已戒酒。
    • ph.
      出生於, 來自於 My uncle came from Germany last week. 我的叔叔上星期從德國來。 My wife comes from France. 我妻子是法國人。
    • ph.
      發源於某事物; 來自某事物; 出身於 He sprang from peasant stock. 他是農民出身。 Hatred often springs from fear. 仇恨通常源於恐懼。
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    • IPA[frɒm]



    • prep.
      來自 a flight/train from Cardiff 從加的夫來的航班/火車 where is he from? 他是哪裡人?
    • 從,自,從…來


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