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  1. then

    • IPA[ðen]



    • adv.
      當時; 到那時;然後
    • adj.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • adv.
    • 1. 當時; 到那時

      we were living in Dublin then 我們那時住在都柏林

      people were idealistic then 當時人們耽於空想

    • 2. 然後

      wash, then slice finely 先清洗,然後切成薄片

      then came the big news 接著傳來了重大新聞

    • 3. 那麼

      I saw them if not yesterday, then the day before 我不是在昨天就是在前天見到過他們

      if it's a problem for you, then say so 如果這對你是個問題的話,那就直說吧

    • 4. 總之

      these, then, are the results of the policy 總之,這些就是這一政策的結果

      overall then it would seem that ... 而總體上看似乎…

    • 5. 而且

      and then there's the cost to consider 況且還要考慮成本

    • 6. 另外

      she's good, but then so is he 她不錯,可他也一樣好

      he looks anxious, but then (again) he always does 他看上去很焦急,不過他一貫如此

    • adj.
    • 1. 當時的

      the then mayor of New York, Mr X 當時的紐約市市長某某先生

      they took over the then state-owned sugar factory 他們接管了那家當時屬國有的糖廠

  2. 知識+

    • then 的用法

      then (TIME) [Show phonetics] adverb, adjective at that time (in the past or in the future) She was then sixteen years old. Soon the sun will go down, and then it will be time...

    • then跟and then用法 差別

      then 當副詞用: adv.1. At that time: I was still in school then. Come at noon; I'll be ready then.2...time or moment: The bus leaves at four; until then let's walk. then當形容詞用 :adj.Being so at that...

    • 英文then和ever

      THEN is a speical adverb. you got to place it 1) in the end 2) and +then, 3), then, ......some restrictions apply....... ad. 副詞那時, 當時He worked in that factory then. 他那時在那個...