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  1. much

    • KK[mʌtʃ]
    • DJ[mʌtʃ]


    • adj.
    • pron.
    • adv.
    • 比較級: more  最高級: most

    • 副詞 比較級: more  最高級: most

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
    • adj.
    • 1. 許多;大量的;很大程度的

      How much rent do you pay? 你付多少租金?

      The English do not drink much wine. 英國人喝酒不多。

    • pron.
    • 1. 許多,大量

      Much of the time was wasted. 許多時間都浪費掉了。

    • 2. 重要的事物;了不起的事物
    • adv.
    • 1. 非常;很

      I don't much care for television. 我不太喜歡看電視。

    • 2. (加強比較級或最高級)遠為,……得多

      She is much the most active member in our group. 她絕對是我們組最活躍的成員。

      Our room is much bigger than theirs. 我們的房間比他們的大多了。

    • 3. 常常,好久

      Do you dine out much? 你常在外面用餐嗎?

    • 4. 差不多,幾乎

      The house looked much as I expected it to. 這房子看上去幾乎與我所料想的一模一樣。


    n. 大量;許多


    「a. 許多;很大程度的」的反義字

    • comb. (結合過去分詞構成形容詞)表示很,非常,極,大大,太(如:much-needed很需要的,much-improved大為改進的)

    • ph. 不多; 很少

    • A: Do we have any homework? B: Yes, but not much. 甲: 我們有沒有家庭作業? 乙: 有, 但是並不多。

    • ph. 多謝

    • Much obliged, he said as I opened the door for him. 我給他開門時他說了一聲“多謝”。

    • ph. 我要說的是

    • I will say this much for him -- he never leaves a piece of work unfinished. 關於他我要說的是--他工作未做完決不罷休。

      This much is certain, you will never walk again. 有一點是肯定的, 你再也不能行走了。

    • ph. 更不用說

    • George can hardly understand arithmetic, much less algebra. 喬治幾乎不懂代數, 更不用說幾何了。

      He's too shy to ask a stranger the time, much less speak to a room full of people. 他連向陌生人打聽時間都不好意思, 更不用說向一屋子人講話了。

    • ph. 問價錢或數量

    • How much are eggs today? 今天雞蛋是什麼價錢?

      How much is this book? 這本書多少錢?

    • ph. 多少(表示不定的數量)

    • A recipe tells you that you need so many eggs, so much milk, etc. 這個食譜上說需要多少雞蛋、多少牛奶等等。

      Write on the form that you stayed so many nights at so much per night. 把你住了幾個晚上、每晚多少錢, 填在這個表上。

    • ph. 同樣地, 同等程度地

    • Please help me get this job -- you know I would do as much for you. 請幫我謀得這份工作--你知道我為你也能這樣做。

      That is as much as saying I am a liar. 那無異於說我撒謊。

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    • IPA[mʌtʃ]



    • adj.
    • I don't have much money/time 我的錢/時間不多

      she didn't speak much English 她英語會得不多

    • pron.
    • much of (the) ... …的大部分

      there isn't much left 沒有剩下多少

    • adv.
    • much bigger/smaller 大/小得多

      the film was much better than I expected 這部電影比我預期的好多了

    • comb.
    • muchadmired/loved 倍受讚賞/喜愛的

      muchneeded 迫切需要的

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