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  1. so

    • KK[so]
    • DJ[səu]


    • adv.
    • conj.
    • int.
    • adj.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
    • adv.
    • 1. 這麼,那麼;【口】多麼,非常

      I'm so pleased to see you. 看到你我真高興。

    • 2. 就那樣,像這樣;如此

      Hold the fork so. 要這樣拿叉子。

    • 3. (so後用倒裝結構)也如此,也一樣

      I was tired, and so were the others. 我累了,其他人也一樣。

      I like dancing; so does my wife. 我喜歡跳舞,我太太也喜歡。

    • 4. (so置於句首)確是如此,正是那樣
    • 5. 因此,所以

      He is sturdy and so fit for the job. 他很健壯,所以適合擔任這個工作。

    • 6. 如此看來

      So you'll quit school? 這麼說你要退學了?

    • conj.
    • 1. 因此,所以

      The manager was ill so I went in her place. 經理病了所以我代她去。

    • 2. 因而,從而

      Mom told him to go to bed early so he could get up early the next morning. 媽媽叫他早點上床睡覺,第二天早上好早點起床。

    • int.
    • 1. (表示驚訝等)啊,哦

      So! You've kept me in the dark all the time. 哦!原來你一直把我蒙在鼓裡。

    • 2. (表示同意等)好,行
    • adj.
    • 1. 事實如此的;真的


    ad. 這樣,就這樣

    ad. 像那樣,就那樣

    ad. 極端地,非常地,相當大地

    ad. 因此,所以

    ad. 真正地,明確地,無誤地

    ad. 也,又,相當地,同樣地

    a. 確實的,實際的,正確的

    • abbr. = seller's option 賣主選擇權

    • abbr. = south; southern

    • ph. 【英】【口】正是

    • Your name is Smith, is it? Just so. “你姓史密斯, 是吧?” “正是。”

    • ph. 為的是; 以便

    • She worked hard so that everything would be ready by 6 oclock. 她拼命幹以便能到6點時把一切都準備好。

    • ph. 到目前為止

    • So far he has done very well at school. 到目前為止他在學校裡表現得很好。

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    • abbr.
      = shift out 移出
    • IPA[səʊ]



    • adv.
    • don't talk so fast! 別說得那麼快!

      there's no need to worry so 沒必要這麼著急

    • conj.
    • but I gave you a map so you wouldn’t get lost! 但我怕你迷路,給過你一張地圖!
    • conj.
    • she wrote the instructions so that they'd be easily understood 她寫了用法說明以使其易於理解

      she fixed the party for 8 so that he could come 她把聚會時間定在8點為的是他能來

    • adv .
    • the hostel can only take so many 這家招待所只能接待這麼多人

      there are only so many hours in a day 一天就只有這麼多個小時

    • adv .
    • I can only pay so much 我只能付這麼多

      his family's got so much money 他家這麼有錢

    • adv .
    • he never so much as apologized 他甚至沒有道個歉

      she left without so much as a goodbye or without so much as saying goodbye 她都沒道個別就離開了

    • prep.
    • so much for the situation in Germany; now we turn our attention to France 德國的形勢就講到這裡,現在我們來看看法國



    • n.
    • 原來,如此,這樣,因此,所以,以便
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