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  1. come

    • IPA[kʌm]



    • vi.
      來; 沿…下來/上來; 穿過…進來;來做
    • vt.
    • n.
    • prep.
    • 過去式:came 過去分詞:come 現在分詞:coming

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 來; 沿…下來/上來; 穿過…進來 (I'm) coming! (我)來了! to come home 回家
    • 2. 來做 to come for/about sth. 為某事物而來 I've come about the ad 我是為廣告的事來的
    • 3. 來到 to come to sth. 來到 have any letters come? 有信嗎?
    • 4. 應到來 to take what's coming to one 認命 to get what's coming to one 遭到報應
    • 5. 發生 how come? 怎麼會呢? how come you never married? 你怎麼一直沒結婚呢?
    • 6. 來參加 to come to sth. 來參加 come to tea on Friday 星期五來喝茶
    • 7. 一起去 to come and do sth. with sb. 和某人一起去做某事 come skating with us 和我們一起去溜冰吧
    • 8. 行進 we've come 200 miles 我們已經走了200英里 have you come far? 你走了很遠嗎?
    • 9. 可提供 to come in different styles/colours 提供各種樣式/顏色 the T-shirt comes in three sizes 這種T恤有3個尺碼出售
    • 10. 達到 to come to like/dislike sth. 漸漸開始喜歡/討厭某事物 to come to be known as ... 後來被稱為…
    • 11. 開始 when I came to open the window, I found it was jammed 我要開窗的時候發現它被卡住了 when you come to think of it, it's not so surprising 仔細想一想,其實不足為奇
    • 12. 變得 my shoelaces have come undone 我的鞋帶鬆開了 it'll all come right in the end 最後一切都會好起來的
    • 13. 達到性高潮; 射精


    • 1. 假裝 she came the helpless female 她裝得像個無助的女人 don't come the innocent with me! 別在我面前扮無辜!


    • 1. 精液


    • 1. 到…時 it'll be a year come June 到六月份就有一年了


    1. move or travel towards or into a place thought of as near or familiar to the speaker

    2. arrive at a specified place

    3. (of a thing) reach or extend to a specified point

    4. occur; happen; take place

    5. be sold, available, or found in a specified form

    6. have an orgasm


    「1. move or travel towards or into a place thought of as near or familiar to the speaker」的反義字

    「2. arrive at a specified place」的反義字

    「3. (of a thing) reach or extend to a specified point」的反義字

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      Come up 用法: 1. 走近;走到跟前 If someone comes... close to you. • Her cat came up and rubbed itself against their...太陽、月亮)升起 When the sun or moon comes up, it rises. • It will be so great...

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      ...字典上,例句有字括弧,都表示有沒有這個字都可以。所以 come see 和 come to see 都是正確的英語,但這裡有些特殊...是用在祈使句或表示個人的意願,而 come to see 是表示 come 的目的(purpose)。兩者意思不同。比較下列兩句就知道...

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      ...suit, women and their trousers have come a long way. come along way有三種意思, 由前後文來決定: 1...釣魚的勝地。 Since that time, the Osmonds have come a long way. 從那時起,奧斯蒙家族取得了很大的進展...